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Professional Hair Removal for Men & Women

Rita Hayden
Where Experience Counts
Electrolysis is the only proven method of permanent hair removal. It is a process by which each hair follicle is safely treated with an electric current that is converted into heat and chemical energy. Most electrologists use one of the known modalities, either Thermolysis or the Blend method. Depending on the nature of the problem, the modality decision is based on the clients' individual needs. Both methods lead to excellent results when pursued in the suggested treatment regimen. It is important to realize, that it is a process, and several sessions are necessary to achieve the desired results. Upon completion of the treatments, clients quite often say, “Why have I not started earlier?” 
I, Rita Hayden, have been practicing in the Fremont community since 1979. Experience is the hallmark of my service. I am state registered, state licensed and recommended by physicians. In addition, I hold an M.A. degree from UC Berkeley and taught biology for 27 years at our local high school. Being a biologist has certainly enhanced my skills in keeping my practice up to the best sanitary standards possible. I consistently update on current literature regarding improvements in our field. The office is pleasant and private. My colleague, Sina, and I offer complimentary consultations.


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